Your Carpets and Your Pets

It is estimated that there are more pets than people in Australia. It is also estimated that 65% of Australian households have pets. If you are part of that 65%, it is important to consider how your house, your furnishings and your pets can be compatible. You know your pet well, so you know whether you should have trinkets on low shelves, or whether you have a white sofa. But if you need advice on whether or not to have carpet on your floor, then here are some things to think about.

Carpet type

Carpet is comfortable, for people and for pets. All of us, people and pets, can enjoy stretching out on a soft carpet. But there is more to consider, if you have pets. Should you get cheap, low quality carpet, on the basis that the pets might cause damage or staining, and replacing it would not be too expensive. Or should you get a high quality, high priced carpet which may be able to stand up to the potential damage from a pet’s paws and claws. Of course loop carpet is not a good choice. The loops will get caught by claws and perhaps even teeth. The correct choice is a carpet that resists stains, is durable, and cost effective. Nylon carpets are popular choices by pet owners. Wool carpet is also popular, being easily cleaned and highly durable. Of course, when you buy your carpet, tell the retailer about your pets, and make sure they give you the right advice about the carpets you are interested in.

Does colour matter?

Carpet colour is definitely a consideration. Do you choose a colour to suit your room and its furnishings, or choose a colour to suit your pet? Pet hair is an ongoing problem, and you could choose to vacuum every day, or you could choose a colour that disguises the shed fur and vacuum only every second or third day. The usual choice seems to be dark to medium colours which are more likely to hide the stains and the pet hair to an extent.

Cost of carpet is another consideration

High quality carpet is more expensive to purchase. But it will be much more durable in the high traffic areas, like the living room or family room. So think about selecting a good quality carpet in high traffic areas, and perhaps you can put less expensive carpet in the bedrooms. The pets will usually spend more time in family rooms, so putting more expensive, better quality carpet there would be a sensible decision.

Regular Maintenance must not be overlooked

Regular professional cleaning is important for all carpet areas, whether there are pets or not. It is important for your health, your family’s health, and your pet’s health, to have the carpets cleaned and refreshed on a regular basis. Your whole house will smell fresh and welcoming. Regular carpet cleaning will also increase your carpet’s life span.