The Environment and Green Waste Removal

Of course there are many things affect our environment, but today we are talking about green waste. The overall term “Green Waste” covers all the unwanted grasses, weeds, plants, trees, prunings, leaves – anything left over after you’ve taken the pruning shears or chainsaw to those items in your garden that needed to be tidied up and/or disposed of. At the end of a storm, big or small, there are likely to be vegetative casualties, and it is the householder’s task to tidy up the mess and dispose of the remains.

How do we do that?

The first thought is the dump. Have you got a vehicle big enough to take the waste to the dump? However, it is not really a good plan to take a lot of green waste to the local landfill. Your town’s dump is only so big, and too much dumping of large amounts of green waste will use up huge amounts of space.

As well as this, large amounts of green waste potentially create large amounts of methane gas, which can cause unacceptable problems. You know how the greenhouse gas situation is a point of serious consideration at the moment. And it’s not just the cows that are to blame! Green waste would be compacted in the landfill, getting covered over and pressed down, deprived of oxygen, and as it decomposes without oxygen, methane can result, and bacteria also in the mix can get to work and make matters worse. Methane is very potent as a greenhouse gas, maybe compared to carbon dioxide it is 25 times more potent.

Rain water can work through the landfill and carry away biological matter into any local creeks, which flow into the rivers, and pollute drinking water. So this could lead to problem health issues, for farm animals and people, and for the creatures who live in the streams.

But do not despair, there are alternatives.

Composting is one alternative. It reduces your green waste to a product that can help in your (or anybody else’s) garden to grow the next generation trees, bushes, plants, flowers or vegetables.

Clever, imaginative people can also take a log of wood or a branch and turn it into something decorative or practical for people to use.

Another way to deal with green waste, is to call someone who has proper green waste disposal services. They can decide whether to compost or recycle, and sort it out accordingly. You won’t have to be concerned about how your green waste might be affecting the environment. Look them up on the interweb, leave it all up to them, and you can sleep easily at night. No worries.