Pressure Cleaning – DIY or PSE

(PSE – Pay Someone Else)

You have decided that your house (building, factory, office, parking lot, driveway) is looking a bit dusty, and in need of a good clean. So, is it a case of DIY or PSE? Think about it.

DIY (do it yourself) will save you money – that’s the first and obvious argument for the person who is convinced he is a latent tradie, and can do anything he puts his mind to. It only requires a hose, doesn’t it? Maybe one with a special nozzle? And all he has to do is point and shoot. Start at the top and work down. Easy As!

But is it?

It might require you to hire a power cleaner, especially if the water has to get to high places. But that’s not a lot to spend. And these power cleaners are very good for cleaning the paths or driveways – usually reasonably level areas of solid concrete.

However there’s more to pressure cleaning than just “point and shoot”. Even a hired pressure cleaning machine might not be able to cope with the job that is before it. Just like you can’t expect a 1T truck to deal with removing the multi-tons of overburden from the open cut mines (maybe that’s a bit of a stretch comparing trucks to pressure cleaners), you need to choose a piece of equipment that meets the need. And I think you’ll find that you can’t hire all of the different types of pressure washers from the local hire shop.

For large projects, you might need to use a ladder to get to some areas. A weekend tradie might not have the expertise to stand on a ladder and use a pressure wand, possibly with quite a lot of pressure, safely. The experts even have safety devices and harnesses for difficult situations.

Remember also that the water jets can be dangerous. They are good for digging out the grime from the hard surfaces you should be aiming at. You don’t want to lose control and accidentally have the jets pointing at fragile surfaces, windows, your car … or your fingers and toes!

Think about getting a professional in to do the job. They know what to do. They have done it before and know what to expect. They have the best machinery available to them, and they know how to use it safely. They know when they should not use high pressure, when a soft wash would be best. They know if chemicals are required, environmentally friendly of course, or if the water jet is sufficient.

So weigh up the pro’s and con’s of doing it yourself or paying someone else to do it. Do some research about the Professional Pressure Cleaning people in your area. Look at websites such as the pressure cleaners in Adelaide, and find out what people are saying about them. Remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap prices don’t necessarily get you the best results.