What Are The Best Methods For Cleaning A House?

First off, we better clarify ourselves. It’s likely when you think about ‘cleaning house’, you’re thinking about picking the toys up after your kids, packing away dirty dishes, and making sure the rubbish and junk are picked off the ground.

Not quite.

What we are talking about is the best methods for cleaning the outside of the house, the bit of it that is open to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; The brick, wood, vinyl, stucco or stone exterior that separates you from the world.

First off, you little garden house isn’t going to cut it, not even if you stick your finger over the end to make the water come out faster. You need something with a lot more grunt.

Pressure Washing

Over time, moisture can effect the exterior of your house, causing mold, mildew and grime to appear. This has a negative effect on the look of your house, but it can also effect the structural integrity of the house as well as your health inside.

Pressure washing is one way to get rid of this stuff. However, you should not go down to the shops and buy the most powerful pressure washing water jet available and just go to town on your house.

Pressure Washing Is Not Suitable For All Surfaces

Pressure water jets are powerful machines. The force of the water coming out of those jets could be up to 200 times atmospheric pressure. That is enough that it can do serious damage to your fingers and toes if they get in the way, but also damage the very surface you are trying to wash. You could end up with a surface looking worse than when you started trying to wash it.

Painted wood surfaces, for example, are not candidates for pressure cleaning, as the force of the water can easily strip the paint from the wood. So unless that is something that you want, stay away from the pressure water jet.

Leave the pressure washing to those exteriors that are tough, durable; surfaces like brick, stone and concrete.

Soft Wash – The Other Option

There is another option to using pressure washing. It’s what the professionals call the Soft Wash Process. Instead of a high pressure water jet to chisel out the dirt and grime and debris, this process uses environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the contaminants. A low pressure water rinse is then all it takes to wash away the chemicals and the broken down dirt and grime. This process leaves the surface unaffected, and is much safer for surfaces like wood.

The Catch

The Soft Wash process catch is, because you are using chemicals, it is probably a lot safer for a professional pressure washing company to handle that process. Find a company experienced in using the soft wash process. Even better, a professional pressure washing company will be able to look at your house exterior and tell you which process – a high pressure water clean, or a soft wash process – is best.